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  • HABit Icon Tap 2.0

    View icons and extract them as icon (ICO) files or bitmap (BMP) files Almost all Windows programs contain one or more icons and icons may also be found in many dynamic link libraries (DLL files). The Icon tap
  • OSIcon 2.0

    This Library can retrieve icons from extensions and files, with additional information like file type (hard drive, folder, PHP Script File, ...). The library also provides a class for Cache icons and creates an
  • Quick Icon Grabber 2.5

    Quick Icon Grabber is a 32 bit utility that can scan the directories and drives on your computer and extract all icons it finds inside all exe, dll, nil, scr, ocx, il, res and icl files. You can have it search
  • Arm Icon Extractor 2.8

    There are many different types of files in your computer that contain one or many icons but now you can extract and use these icons by using Arm Icon extractor program. It lets you extract the icons from EXE, DLL, DRV,
  • Lifrinsoft Icon Converter

    Converts bitmaps to icons. Converts bitmaps to icons. Lifrinsoft Icon Converter is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable users to extract icons from bitmaps and SVG files. Lifrinsoft Icon Converter also
  • JKR Icon Extract 1.2

    1.Select the file to extract the icons from 2.Click on the Show icons button 3.Select one or more icons from the list 4.Select the location to save the images 5.Optionally enter a prefix for the name of the image
  • ICL-Icon Extractor 5.11

    ICL-Icon extractor is highly praised software tool of Icon Empire Software Company. It is used for searching and extracting icons from files, folders, icon libraries, archives, or web collections. It can extract icons
  • Easy Extract Icon 1.3.3

    Easily extracts icons from executable files (*.exe, *.dll) and associated icons from any files. If an executable file has more than one icon, it can extract all icons that are stored in the file. User may save icons as
  • Extract Icon Tool beta

    extract Icon Tool is a utility that allows you to extract all icons out of the files on your hard drive automatically. You can extract Icon from one or multi-file, even can choose a folder. The colors may be
  • A 32bit Extract Icon Tool 1.00

    extract Icon Tool is a utility that allows you to extract all icons out of the files on your hard drive automatically.You can extract Icon from one or more file , even can choose a folder .The colors may be monochrome
  • Niome Icon Pack -

    Niome Icon Pack contains 90 high quality (256x256 Pixels) icons; PNG and ICO formats. This package includes: Disc icons, File icons, Folder icons, Hardware icons, Network icons, Other icons, Start Menu icons, Symbol
  • Chrome Icons 1.0

    The package of Chrome icons enables you to change your computer looks by changing its default icons with the new ones. Basically it is a package that contains a collection of icons but all these icons come in an .icl
  • Software Icons - Professional XP icons for software and web 1.0

    XP icons program contains beautiful style of icons for your software and web projects. Each XP icon is available in four different sizes and three states i.e. Hot, Disable and Normal. It includes web buttons, toolbars
  • PC Icon Extractor 4.3

    PC Icon extractor enables you to extract all Windows icons include XP icons from inside of EXE, DLL, DRV, OCX, SCR, VBX, ICL, NI, and IL files and save them into BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, WMF, EMF, PNG, PCX, J2K, TGA, RAS and
  • Icon Grabber 2.1

    It searches entry selected Folders/files for files and extract icons from them. It can extract icons from exe,dll,cpl, scr,icl,ocx,nil,ico files. You can specify the file quantity that will be scanned and the received
  • ICL Builder 2.1

    Quickly and easily consolidate your icons into icon libraries. Includes a built-in editor for modifying icons right in ICL Builder. Also: Export icons to bitmaps. Import bitmaps as icons. extract icons from ico, exe,
  • ExeIcon.com Icon Extractor 4.1225

    Search, extract, save all icons of computer. Search, extract, save all icons of computerFind icons from your computer. extract icon from exe, dll, icon file. Save icons to icon file. Save icon as bitmap file. Modify
  • SuperICL 1.0

    Super Icon Library (SuperICL) enables you to build and maintain icon libraries as desired with no limit on the number of icons in each library. extract icons from ico, ani, exe, dll and icl files. Create icons from
  • Anime Folder Icons -

    Anime Folders icons are a high quality set of icons that were designed especially for you to enjoy onto your home computer. All the icons are available in two file formats for you to choose from, namely ICO and PNG.
  • Aeon Icon Pack

    You can make your desktop stylish and attractive by using this Aeon Icon Pack that contains a wonderful collection of icons. It contains 150 high quality (256x256 pixels) icons in the format of PNG and ICO. The included
  • Icon Office 1.0.2

    Icon Office is a icon conversion and multi-tabs icon library management software, extract icons from files or folders, convert icon to ico, icl, bmp, gif, png, jpeg file, builds and maintains icon libraries like Windows
  • uuGetIcon 1.21 Build 2007

    uuGetIcon is tool to Get icons for you. Not only extract icons from files[exe,dll,BMP,...], but also can create icons from empty or edit the exist icon file or from icons list of extracted. while extracting, it can from
  • IconShop 1.13

    iconshop is an icon librarian that offers the tools to manage ICL icon libraries. Read and write ICL icon libraries. Drag and drop files and Folders from the Windows Explorer onto the iconshop window to process them.
  • Buddy Icon Grabber 1.04

    extract icons and save to ico,bmp,jpg files. Buddy Icon Grabber is designed to extract high-quality icons from application files (exe, dll), icon files (ico), and icon list files (icl) and save to ico, bmp, jpg files
  • IcoFolder 3.0

    Change the standard Windows Folders icons to any other icon on your computer. Update includes the ability to extract and save from the hundreds of hidden icons already on your computer. Over 60 unique icons included
  • Icon Scanner 2.1

    Icon Scanner is utility for searching, extracting, creating and converting icons. Icon Scanner can - extract all types of icons and bitmaps within nearly any file type (EXE, DLL, OCX and other PE-executable, icon
  • Icon Factory 1.1

    Icon Factory is a free and useful icon extracting and managing tool. It has ability to extract icons from executables, libraries and other files. Also can save separate icons or icon pages to standalone icons or
  • MiTeC Icon Factory 1.1

    Icon Factory is a free and useful icon extracting and managing tool. It has ability to extract icons from executables, libraries and other files. Also can save separate icons or icon pages to standalone icons or
  • paraben's icon builder 7.02

    Try a complete icon maker that allows you to create icons from scratch or convert existing images to icons. Easily create icons for Windows, Unix, or Linux. Create animated icons, cursors, animated cursors, bitmap
  • Icons from file 5.1.0

    icons from File is a free tool for extracting icons or icon arrays from files (EXE, DLL, OCX etc.) with the ability to scan folders and search for EXE, DLL, and OCX files, which contain icons. extracted icons can be